Fabio Baullo

I was born in Brunswick, in Melbourne, Australia – a busy melting pot of cultures in Melbourne Australia to Sicilian parents. From an early age I worked with my father and brother in the family construction business. After taking wood work at high school I eventually decided to take an apprenticeship in Carpentry and Joinery at age 16. This is where my life-long appreciation of timber started  ..…  and thus name of my business -
Di Lignu (Dee-li-new-oo) ,  Sicilian for “From Wood”.  

  Di Lignu Workshop, Barcelona

Di Lignu Workshop, Barcelona

As the years past, I opened my own construction company, initially building domestic houses and later moving on to larger scale commercial projects.  Coming from a strong heritage of Italian craftsmen my signature became my attention for detail, quality and aesthetics – you could see this in every one of my projects.

My pride and joy was the Victorian Italianate home I built for my family. Every feature from the balcony arches to the kitchen cupboards were crafted from hours of research, drawing and careful workmanship.  As time allowed, I made the odd piece of furniture for myself, but running the business was more than a full time job so there was never time to follow this passion.  

In 2012 after the birth of our 2nd Son, my wife got an opportunity to relocate to Europe with her work. After a 3 month trial and a ton of red tape, I set off with my wife and two boys for a new adventure in Barcelona Spain.

Filling my days getting the boys settled in school, learning to speak Spanish and dealing with the challenging Spanish service providers, I eventually found myself with time on my hands to reignite my passion for wood work.  

After the long boat voyage from Australia to Spain, our furniture arrived a little beaten and bruised so the first projects I took on was giving these pieces a new lease on life. This led pretty quickly to making a new table for home and then a friend and soon Di Lignu was born. I was creating my own pieces, driven by an authenticity to the timber I could source locally. Finding new and exotic timbers and researching all types of design concepts from across the globe has become a daily obsession and my work is now in people´s homes across the world from Australia to America, Paris to Prague…

Living and working in Barcelona, surrounded by Gaudi´s work and the Mediterranean sea is a daily inspiration to craft beautiful wood work that lasts a lifetime.